Discussion Post #7

Watch the following clip: https://youtu.be/JPDoiSP-XYs

What are your thoughts on asset forfeiture? How does it benefit the rich vs. poor? And those who can afford to fight the police vs. those who can’t? Now add in racial profiling…could this impact minorities more than Whites?    I need this done 200 words.


Homework #13

1. Using university websites, research who makes up the college’s or university’s leaders and members of the board of trustees. What are the demographics of these leaders? Come up with a visual representation of leadership, maybe copy/paste pictures onto a Word document. Or this could be presented in graphs, a graphic of leaders’ headshots, for example. (Look at the difference in OU, OSU, OCCC, SWOSU).

2.  If available, provide institutional research on the demographics of faculty and staff. Maybe pick a few professors you have.

3. Some would argue universities “look” like a modern day planation. Do you agree? Disagree? Why?

   I need this done 300 words.


Homework #14

Pick one of the following groups:

Mexican Immigrants: https://www.migrationpolicy.org/article/mexican-immigrants-united-states

Chinese immigrants: https://www.migrationpolicy.org/article/chinese-immigrants-united-states 

Indian Immigrants: https://www.migrationpolicy.org/article/indian-immigrants-united-states

Filipino Immigrants: https://www.migrationpolicy.org/article/filipino-immigrants-united-states

Refugees and Asylees in the US: https://www.migrationpolicy.org/article/refugees-and-asylees-united-states

Next, write about 200 words on the following terms describing the selected group:


Distribution by State/Key Cities

Health Coverage

 Median Household Income and Poverty (Food Stamps)

Age, Education, Employment



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