How does cultural competence relate to better patient care? Discuss the ways in which a nurse demonstrates cultural competency in nursing practice.

  4 DQ 1

The best way to gather cultural information from the patient is to ask them. We can ask the family members as well. Also, we can research information through the Internet, journals or articles. There are factors that a nurse should educated themselves on to have better care for their patients when it comes to cultural competency. Language barriers can be an obstacle when it comes to cultural care for a patient. A translator can be used to help understand the patient. Many cultures have traditional rules when it comes to who is superior in their family. For example, some parts of the Islamic culture, the husband is in charge of speaking and decides for the wife who is a patient. The wife cannot be alone in a room with another male nurse. As Nurses, we should learn the different traditional rules of cultures and their religion as well. Health care workers must have respect along with no judgment of what race or cultures display as their traditions. It also depends on where you live as some cities or towns or more diverse than others. For example, in New York, it is very diverse. There are very large amount of different translators to assist in any language barriers. Cultural competence is an important component of excellence in health care delivery and can contribute to the elimination of racial and ethnic health disparities (Minority Nurse, 2018). We can demonstrate cultural competency in nursing practice through several ways. One of them is using a interpreter if required. Secondly, there are cultural competency certificates they can obtain. Thirdly, staff can be trained to improve the competency culturally. Fourthly, we can research information about a culture along with asking the patient and family members. The important part is accepting the culture and wanting to learn about it. Being judgmental or disrespectful will not create a healthy nursing practice. 

Respond to the above post by supporting Using 200-300 APA format with references 

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