HQ LANAn IP address plan for the HQ LAN


Your task in this assignment is to propose and document

Requirement engineering (The analysis of user requirements for the company HQ’s local area network (LAN))

A logical design for the HQ LANAn IP address plan for the HQ LAN according to the proposed design

Network diagrams 

Ass 2 is a basis of your design. The three routers form the core in what is known as a campus design. Ass 3 now takes you to a standard industry design which uses this campus design. We add (in the right place) network devices such as firewalls to protect the network. WiFi is a necessary part of a modern network. As the HQ is connected to the branch offices, you will need to show how the HQ is connected to the branch offices. Your textbook has this information shown as Best Practice Design for LAN (campus). 

There are two ways of presenting a network, the logical view and the physical view. Please read the CCNA chapter 3 in Resources which describes these two viewpoints. You will need to make both a logical and a physical diagram of the HQ network based on the network shown above with the three routers. This is your network diagrams mentioned in the rubric below.

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