HRM sustainability planning

Review the HRM Regional Plan found here

Part 1 – HRM Plan sustainability review (4 pages, number your sections as below)

1.1 Review, in your own words, the vision, principles, and objectives of this Plan in Chapter 1 that relate to sustainability.
1.2 Overview, in your words words, Chapter 2 – Environment, Energy and Climate Change
1.3 Overview how Chapter 4 intends to provide sustainable transportation.
1.4 Overview how Chapter 8 intends to provide sustainable water, utilities and solid waste.

Part 2 – Analysis (1 page)

Based on your review of the HRM and what you have learned in the Dal BCD program to date, and the “seven rules for sustainable low-carbon communities” on page 14 and 15 of the Condon text book, do you think Halifax is heading towards a significantly more sustainable future? Why or why not? You may also reference any other reading material related to sustainability from other course work.

Referencing – use APA style:
For example, The Region Plan (2014) suggests in section yayada, which is in keeping with Condon (2010) rule number yada yada because ….

A 2 mark bonus will be granted if you submit your paper on the backside of reused paper or double sided on paper with at least 50% post-consumer content (provide copy of eco-logo).

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