HS415 Environmental Health


Each Unit, you are required to post one (1) initial response and two (2) replies to your peers and/or Professor. Your initial response should be at least 150 words and contain a reference list for the sources used to support your response; the word count minimum excludes the references. The responses to others should be at least 75 words each. Please be sure to cite all of your sources in APA format in accordance with the Discussion Board Grading Rubric. 

Discussion Question

Before the start of Unit 4, your Professor will split the class into teams that will work together during Units 4 and 5. You will be assigned to a team Discussion thread, and in preparation for the team Assignment due at the end of Unit 5, please use this tread to engage with your teammates to divide responsibilities. This includes: 

  • One team member to serve as a moderator who is responsible for setting up a shared folder in Google Drive for the team to use, providing an overview of the entire presentation, introducing each speaker, making a concluding statement and putting the finishing touches on the completed presentation. This person should be highly organized and very familiar with Google Drive and Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • One team member to research and create section 1 of the presentation on air pollution.
  • One team member to research and create section 2 of the presentation on water pollution.
  • One team member to research and create section 3 of the presentation on land and soil pollution.
  • One team member to research and create section 4 of the presentation on radiological pollution.
  • One team member to research and create section 5 of the presentation on noise, aesthetic and light pollution.

Once everyone has selected their responsibility, begin your research and share the main topics

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