• Thursday, May 13.  Absolutely no late projects will be accepted. (Post as early as possible so that any issues can be addressed before it’s too late.)


Choose a song from American Greatest Hits by Year (Links to an external site.) that is at least 25 years old.   This means the song can be from any year from 1840 through 1996.  Make a presentation that explores the song’s creation, history, and/or significance.  You can discuss whatever you wish, but here are some questions to guide you:

  • How does the song capture or express what was happening the year it came out?
  • Does the song have personal value to you?
  • Does the song have a contemporary counterpart?
  • In what ways is it catchy, emotional, or inspiring?
  • What makes it stand the test of time?
  • Is it humorous or offensive in any way?
  • How did the song impact the artist’s career?
  • Could the song provide comfort or inspiration today?

Your presentation can utilize PowerPoint or Prezi; it can include a voiceover, but this is optional.  (If there is another presentation platform that is comparable to these, you can use it, but do a test run to make sure it’s compatible with Eagle Online/Canvas first).  Your presentation should have good visuals, and text written by you.  You don’t have to do a complex, elaborate presentation, but use your own words and be insightful; don’t just copy and paste from Wikipedia or other websites. Offer your own perspective to keep things engaging. 


  • Your presentation should contain at least five slides and 500 words. 
  • You’ll have to do some research on your chosen song. Make sure to list the sources you pull from at the end of your presentation to avoid plagiarism.
  • No peer response is required for this assignment.

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