1. List and Explain 5 feature of Mahayana  Buddhism. Be detailed for full points.  

2.  What is the Bhakti reform movement.

Discuss how the strict social caste system may have influenced this reform movement. What social system were they rejecting?

3.  Discuss the role of the Indus Valley civilization and the Indo-Aryans to the development of Hinduism. 

4.  List and Explain 3 features of Theravada Buddhism. Be detailed for full points. 

5.  List and explain the different levels of the caste system.

Also include a discussion of how the caste system, as it played out over the last 2-300 years, is justified in the Vedas. (The answer can be derived from  PowerPoints and your Textbook, specifically there are some quotes from the Hindu scriptures that will directly answer this question)

6.  Explain and Provide 4 comparisons between Buddhism and Hinduism. What are the similarities and dissimilarities? Make sure you provide 2 characteristics or concepts as well as explanations for each. Be detailed for full points.  

7.  What is the trimurthi.

Make sure you please include a discussion of the nature and relationship of the various gods to Brahman.

8.  Explain the nature and the relationship between the Atman and Brahman.

Please be sure to define each in your explanation.

9.  Given Buddhist principle of Anatman, how do they still believe in reincarnation? Make sure to define your terms and provide reasoning for your answer.  

10.  a. What is Vajrayana Buddhism. Please include fundamental elements as well as some history. Be detailed for full points. 

b. What is Zen Buddhism. Please include philosophical concepts as well as some history. Be detailed for full points. 


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