Info Tech in Global Economy

Through the chapters 5 and 6 case studies, Figure 5.1 is an illustration of the future state of practice of systems modeling and simulation.  With this mind, the adoption of recent, current and expected innovations could result in the future of the art of systems modeling.  From this illustration, we have learned that it would be possible to simultaneously use multiple hypotheses to achieve different goals that could include the search for deeper understanding and policy insights, experimentations in virtual laboratories, future oriented-explorations, robust policy design, and robustness testing under deep uncertainty.  

Q1: Looking through the case studies and the author’s assessment in the chapters,  

what are the main advantages of using multiple models in a complex environment?

using APA 6E guide, provide a  clear narrative to support your responses,


According to authors, Gilbert and Troitzsch (2005) in the chapters, Foundations of Simulation Modeling, a simulation model is a computer program that captures the behavior of a real-world system and it’s input and possible output processes. 

Q2: In reference to the above author’s knowledge, and any assumptions presented by these authors in the case study, in your own words, briefly explain:

what simulation modeling relies upon?

using APA 6E guide, provide a clear narrative to support your response,


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