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A major difference between people with a growth mindset and people with a fixed mindset is found in their overall goals.

People with a fixed mindset are most concerned with how they will be judged. They must “look good” at all costs. They want to be judged favorably for their talents and intelligence, and are worried about how adequate they are. They act as if they always have something to prove to others, and to themselves as well.

Students with a growth mindset are concerned with improving and making progress towards their goals. Rather than trying to simply “look good” and seem intelligent, they understand that the true goal is learning and they are willing to do whatever it takes to learn. It is all about the journey and making progress towards a goal, not how they are viewed by others.

So, are you concerned about how others view you? Or are you more concerned about your progress toward your overall goals? Once you give up the idea of being worried about how others view you, you will notice that you will have less stress and it will be easier to make note of the progress you are actually making. Take pride in the progress you are making, and be sure to acknowledge and celebrate your successes.

Watch the following video then make your initial post

Answer each question below with at least THREE complete sentences. Please use appropriate grammar and spelling..

  1. If you knew that you could develop your intelligence through effort, what goals would you set for yourself?
  2. Are these SMART goals, if not, how can you rewrite them to make them SMART goals?

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