Intro to Hort Therapy


PLS3080 Intro to Hort Therapy 

During this module we learned many ways people are connected with plants and nature in the satisfaction of our physical needs and psycho-social needs.

In your initial post for this discussion choose three aspects of the human relationship with nature that you find personally most important. Support each choice by explaining how it relates to your values, interests, and experiences. Link your choices to evidence in the form of personal experience/history, course content, and/or related research.

Your initial post should be approximately 200-250 words, well-written and concise, free of typos, and use proper sentence structure, grammar, and capitalization. Your post should be written as a short essay, not as a random or disorganized series of thoughts.

For the response phase, read the posts of your classmates and respond to two individuals with different choices than your own. Without judgement, describe how your peer’s response or perspective is different from yours, why that might be, and what you learned from his or her explanation. Your response posts should be approximately 100-125 words, well-written and concise, free of typos, and use proper sentence structure, grammar, and capitalization. 

Your initial post will receive up to 20 points. Responses to two classmates will receive up to 10 points each.  * Please note that because this assignment is divided into two parts, the initial grade you receive will be only a partial grade. The complete grade will be posted after the response phase has been graded.


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