IT Leadership Styles



Research topic:  – Choose a research topic or paper that has leadership theories involved in it as this is the same topic that is used for next week assignment. If the research paper you selected is qualitative use abbreviated qualitative Research Plan template and if its quantitative abbreviated quantitative Research Plan template.

  • Find an article relevant to      this course describing a research study that has been published in a      peer-reviewed journal and fill out the abbreviated Research Plan template      on behalf of the author or authors of the article as if they are a learner      like you. (Choose the appropriate Research Plan template from the      Resources.) Provide any necessary references and citations. Address the      following question in relation to the article you chose: Are the research topic, research problem and research      question(s) properly aligned? That is, are concepts that appear in the      research problem refinements of those that appear in the research topic;      are concepts that appear in the research question(s) refinements of those      that appear in the research problem?
  • Fill out section 2 of the      abbreviated Research Plan template (see Resources) using the same article      you used for section 1. Provide any necessary references and citations.      Address the following question in relation to the article you chose: How does the author of the article justify the use of the      research method chosen in addressing the research question in 2.2?

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