Learning Activity 3


How is federalism defined in the textbook for this course and from which nation did the United States adopt the idea of federalism as its governing framework? 

Note: Your response should be a minimum of 50 words and include the citation of your source, using MLA style (including in-text citation). No part of the citation will be included in the word count.

Example of MLA In-Text and Work Cited Citation

Informed and active membership in a political community is the definition of citizenship cited in the text book. The text list 1) voting, 2) serving on a jury, 3) lobbying, 4) writing a letter to the local newspaper, and 5) engaging in a public rally or protest as ways by which citizens can influence their government. Voting is characterized in the text as the building block of citizenship, as it is the one activity by which everyone can participate (Ginsberg, et al. 8).

Work Cited
Ginsberg, Benjamin, et al. We the People: an Introduction to American Politics. W. W. Norton & Company, 2019.



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