Making Better Business


Before starting this activity, review the Week 4 LEARN (e-Activity) (there are several) and read Chapter 4 & 5 in the course text book. Doing this will give you the why to include in your response to the following:

“Business-Level Strategy” : In a single response, respond to the following:

1)   From the first e-Activity, assess your satisfaction with the company you researched

o  Make recommendations about how that company could modify its business-level strategy to both increase your overall level of satisfaction and to attract new customers.

o  Provide specific examples to support your response.

2)   Analyze the five business-level strategies discussed in Chapter 4 to determine which strategy the company you researched most likely applies.

3)   Determine how your experience with that company might change if it switched to one of the other four strategies (your choice). Explain your rationale.

Respond to a classmate:


I am satisfied with Barnes and Noble. I still like the idea of going to an actual bookstore and browsing around in it. They are still in business because they also adapt with technology by having an online store as well. Being a membership also has it perks because they sometimes send 20% off coupon and member get additional 10% discount. The competitive advantage here is focusing on the cost leadership. I collect figurines that the store sell and I would not buy it at any other store because Barnes and Noble gives me a better deal compare all stores I have visited. The customer service also goes above and beyond when answering my questions or concerns. If there is a mistake in my order, they will correct it right away; making it quick and easy. The uniqueness that the company offers is by reaching broader target market. Besides selling books, they sell toys, movies, and music too. Most of the store has Starbucks in it, so customers can enjoy reading their books while sipping coffee.

I am happy with what the company offer right now for having an actual and online store. I think my feelings towards it will change if the company switched to other strategies and only focus on one thing. For example if the company close down the actual store and focus on just online based, I would be pretty upset and look for other bookstore I can visit.

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