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 You are expected to research and supply data-evidence from both scholastic and industry publications for your argument. (Consult the assessment rubric for more information)

  • Each learner will be required to produce a paper, in a APA format.
  • The quality of the writing also will be part of the assessment.
  • The length of this memo should be appropriate to the material being covered. (4 to 5 pages) with a minimum of 1500 words.
  • Each student will have to pick an existing hotel chain with a minimum of 40 locations in at least 5 countries and 2 continents.



You have just accepted a job at corporate headquarters of an international hotel chain (Motel 6).

With this in mind, analyze all the factors in fulfilling the strategy to consolidate global operations for the purpose of profitability.
You should include both strengths and areas of challenge to be addressed in the next 5 years.You will be expected to supply both details from your work during this course, researched academic theory and industry information to substantiate your analysis.

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