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One of the dimensions of quality at the micro-level is the interpersonal aspects of care delivery.

(1) Define the underlined terms and phrases.

(2) What is the importance of interpersonal aspects of care to the provider?

(3) Identify one demographicone clinical, and one social patient factor that may influence interpersonal aspects of care delivery. Discuss in what ways each of the identified factors influences interpersonal aspects of care delivery.


(a) Respond to all 3 prompts. The total word count for this forum should be at least 500. (Indicate word count).

(b) Find at least one citation for each of the 3 prompts.

(c) Use the APA style for your citations/references

(d) Post a response to any of the classmate’s original post on prompt #2 only. (At least 200 words).


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