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Chapter one

Achieving Success Through Effective Business Communication

Resource: https://www.iiste.org/Journals/index.php/IKM/article/viewFile/1449/1374

Mastering Team Skills and Interpersonal Communication
Resource: https://online.csp.edu/blog/business/interpersonal-communication-in-the-workplace
Communicating in a World of Diversity
Resource: https://news.ucdenver.edu/communicating-in-a-diverse-world/

Learning Objectives:

Organize ideas and write effective and concise letters, memos, informal and formal report to different audiences and for different circumstances.

Answer the following questions and submit your quiz as a word document. The purpose of this type of exam is to show your knowledge (in your own words) for each of the topics we have studied and discussed so far in this class. Refer to the websites from the last few weeks for guidance but please make sure the answers are in your own words. Answer each question in your own words.

Here are the questions:

1) Based on the website in week 1 guide, how can business communication help you achieve success?

2) What are some keys to successfully communicating in a business environment?

3) Explain why teamwork skills are important in a business environment.

4) Explain the difference between teamwork skills and interpersonal communication?

5) What are some advantages of communicating in a world of diversity?

6) What are some challenges of communicating in a world of diversity?

7) What are some keys to planning successful business messages?

8) What is at least one major difference between writing a positive message and a negative message?

9) What are some key learnings from this class so far?


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