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I have 2 discussion questions-

I will need done by tomorrow

The Professors instructions are very clear- whoever I choose I will need you to pull your sources for answers from the attached

Below is the professors expectations for the format of EACH DISCUSSION RESPONSE-

Response needs to be at least TWO FULL PARAGRAPHS APA format!

Instructor’s Comments:  the requirement for each discussion response is a direct citation from the textbook for all initial discussion responses. Additionally, the post response should be formatted in APA. You are also free to use other peer-reviewed resources as long as the direct citation from the textbook is also included in the response. Please consider looking at hoe to cite a reference. A citation is different than a reference. A reference goes at the end.It would be your responsiblity to find the journal number, the issue number, and the page numbers for this article.Please respond with the proper reference formatted in APA 7th edition.


Topic 7 DQ 1

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of activities such as: tests, group work, presentations, and written work as a means of assessment. What type of assessment activity could you use that you typically have not used in the past? Explain why.

Topic 7 DQ 2

How does assessment in your class reflect/support the overall mission or goals of the institution?


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