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ASSIGNMENT (ZERO PLAGIARISM) Please the article below for the assignment.
Self-Development Plan for Strengthening Global Mindset
In the plan, specify the Global Mindset Intelligence (GMI) competence to be developed and the action plans necessary to improve your intellectual capital, psychological capital and social capital.  This two-page paper should include:
1) Clear opening statement on what a Global Mindset is, why cultural intelligence is important and where you currently are as a leader and your desired state or aspirations as a global leader.
2) A paragraph discussing each of the GMI capitals including your opportunities for personal and professional growth and improvement.
3) Conclusion summarizing how important it is to you to develop your cultural intelligence and global mindset and the commitments you will keep in the process.
Articles for this assignment:
Global Mindset- A 2020 Leadership Competency (  be sure to watch the video
 Is Your Mind Set to Global (
So You Think You’re Globally Minded (


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