Managing your online Reputation

1st one “Managing Your Online Reputation”
One of the important elements of being a social media professional and practitioner is being aware of not only your corporate or business online presence, but also your own online presence as an individual and professional in advertising and public relations. In this reflection paper, you will identify your personal goals for online reputation management and analyze your current online presence using the social media tools( twitter,Facebook, Instagram etc. 2 pages)

     2nd Paper-  Platform assessment

Social media platforms are the tools of the trade, so knowing about each platform’s history, capabilities, and use cases will help you make the most of them as you begin your career as a social media professional. In this assignment, you’ll do a deep dive on one platform as you address its history, key trends, user information and statistics, unique characteristics and metrics, benefits and challenges, and more.( 3 pages)
Sources: personal & social media for strategic communication: Karen Freberg or other sources if you quote.

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