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Prompt : Memorandum

I was hired just a few weeks ago to build the mergers and acquisitions consulting department. One of the best ways to do that is to suggest possible merger or acquisition ideas to companies. For example, Facebook likely got the idea to acquire Instagram because a group like us recommended it. The goal is for the company you pitch to follow your recommendation and ultimately hire us to advise them through the transaction process.


Identify a potential merger or acquisition between two firms and draft a memo pitching the deal. You are free to direct your pitch to either company if you recommend a merger, or to either the buyer or seller if you recommend an acquisition.


Be persuasive, but keep in mind that your audience will likely be a very sophisticated group who will be able to spot any gaps in your arguments. Maximum 1000 words.


When including data/evidence to support your argument, include in text citation

Grading Rubric:



error-free, careful attention to detail; conventionality fully meets professional standards for message type or demonstrates high-quality creativity.



Message is complete. Points are internally- coherent. Wording is precise and easy to follow.



No extraneous information, redundancies, or wordiness.



Claims are clearly supported by highly-relevant, high-quality evidence. Evidence is presented skillfully, accurately, and free of bias. Citations and/or explanation of analysis



It communicates an overarching persuasive position, with all claims advancing the position. Macro and micro organization.



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