Media, Gender and Identity

You only need to choose and answer 5 questions out of the 8 questions listed here. Each short essay question is 20 points. Limit your answers to no more than 200 words per question (100-200 words would be ideal). Answers exceeding 200 words will lead to 3 points of deduction in grades for each question.

1.How does the concept of intersectionality further our understanding of gender? Give an example to illustrate how gender intersects class or race.

2. What is the so-called transphobia? How do you think the recent surge of trans toilet ban is a demonstration of transphobia?

3.What are the differences between sex and gender? How are sex and gender determined? Use the examples from the course readings to demonstrate how the criteria that are used to determine gender are often times inconsistent and context-specific.

4.In recent years, there are many “feminist advertising” (i.e. “More than a Bum” advertisement of Jeans we watched in class). Can you identify an example of “feminist advertising” and analyze critically how “feminist advertising” impacts the cause of promoting gender equality.

5.Based on the reading on how children’s media influence the formation of gender identities among children, provide a critical analysis how gender-neutral toys could potentially promote gender equality.

6.Illustrate what is the “double bind” for women in power with the examples of portrayal of Sarah Palin and Hilary Clinton in the media.

7.What are the meanings of “representation?” How do some of the meanings apply to the representation of women in the media, and how do they contribute to the “misrepresentation” of women?

8.In light of the gender and representation theories we learned in class, reflect upon how your own gender identity is formed. Can you describe one particular TV show, book, or movie (or other form of mass media) that has significant impact on your understanding of gender and the formation of your gender identity?

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