Misleading Graphs Assignment

 Click on the link below to open a PDF document of four graphs.  View the images and write a paragraph length (5 or more sentences) analysis for each of the four graphs.  Each graph’s analysis should, minimally, include the following: 

  1. What makes the graph misleading?  Find at least two flaws in the design of the graph and the presentation of the data within it.  Look closely and try to find unique flaws in each of the graphs.  Many flaws are repeated throughout the four graphs, but there are several that are unique to each.  Describe in detail how the flaws mislead those who view the graphs and discuss the tactics from the Misuse of Statistics lesson that are being used.
  2. What questions do you have, or what additional information do you need about the information in the graphs to draw valid conclusions from them.
  3. What is the agenda of individual creating or presenting the information; why did they present the information in a misleading manner?
  4. Pertaining to each specific graph, how could belief of deceiving statistics such as this be bad for consumers, citizens, the United States, etc.?  What groups are most damaged by this; what could happen if people believe this misleading information? 
  5. misleading graphs.pdf 

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