Module 2 Assignment

 QSO 320 Module Two Assignment Guidelines and Rubric Prompt:

 For this assignment, you will continue to use the workbook titled Labor Hours that you created for your Module One assignment. You will be looking at data related to employees who are full-time staff members and those who you hire as-needed on a contract basis. You will use the IF function to isolate the data for each status (full-time or contract), and then you will use a pivot table and a pie chart to demonstrate different ways of displaying the data. Finally, you will program a spreadsheet to calculate mean, median, and mode, and you will provide a summary about these measures of central tendency. Note: For Parts 2 through 4 of this assignment (and for several assignments moving forward in this course), you are asked to provide a rationale statement. This is so your instructor can understand your thought process in case there is an error in your results. For example, if your assignment is to set up a spreadsheet to track each employee’s hours and costs, and then sum those hours, your rationale statement might look something like this: “Create a table which identifies each person, their labor rate, and their hours worked. The table sums the hours worked and then multiplies the hours times the labor rate. The sums for each employee are then totaled.” To complete this assignment, complete the following steps in your Labor Hours workbook: 

1. On the Data tab, do the following: a) Add a column titled “Status.” b) Using the information from the last bullet of the scenario box below, mark each employee as either F for full-time or C for contract. 

2. Create a new tab (worksheet) labeled IF, and set up an empty table like the one in the Data tab. Populate the table by linking the cells to the data in the Data tab. Use the IF function to complete the items below: a) Sum the costs incurred by full-time employees. b) Sum the cost incurred by contract employees. c) Provide a rationale statement. The statement may be typed directly into the Excel document underneath the chart. 

3. Create a new tab labeled Pivot & Pie. From the data in the IF tab, create a pivot table and a pie chart that shows the following: a) Show the employee status. b) Show the employee name c) Show the employee cost. d) Provide a rationale statement. 

4. Create a new tab labeled MMM, and set up an empty table like the one in the Data tab. Populate the table by linking the cells to the data in the Data tab, then complete the following: a) Calculate the mean, median, and mode of the hourly wages. Then, multiply the total project hours times each one. b) Provide a written rationale statement for how you calculated mean, median, and mode. c) Provide a summary describing how each measure (mean, median, and mode) could be used for this project, and include your recommendation on which is the most appropriate and why.  


You are examining labor costs for a construction project using eight employees: 

The eight employees’ names are: Smith, Rodriquez, Daniel, Eli, Lee, Kim, Buster, and Green. 

Each employee worked eight hours a day for five days.  

The employees’ wages per hour are as follows: Smith: $8.95 Rodriguez: $11 Daniel: $14 Eli: $16 Lee: $19 Kim: $20 Buster: $25 Green $40  

Green, Kim, Eli, and Lee are full-time employees, and the others are contract employees. 

Rubric Guidelines for Submission: Your assignment must be submitted as the same Microsoft Excel document you used for the Module One assignment. Use 11-point Calibri font.  

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