Movie Paper

Purpose: This goal of this assignment is to apply the concepts you’ve learned this semester to a movie.

Task: In this 4- to 5-page, double spaced paper, you will discuss the connections between a movie and the concepts in the text by clearly and thoroughly addressing the topics below. In order to complete this paper, you will need to watch The Avengers(2012). If you are unfamiliar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, consider watching the films preceding The Avengers (if I had to pick just one to watch before The Avengers, it would be Captain America: The First Avenger). Craft an essay that adheres to APA style and use proper grammar, syntax, and organization (i.e. introduction, thesis statement, transitions, conclusion). This paper does not require a title page or abstract. Submit your paper to the appropriate Turnitin dropbox by the deadline.

  • Discuss the periodic phases of development from Chapter 3 of your text. Briefly define and describe each phase and refer to the scene/s in the film where each phase occurs. Be specific in your discussion of how the phases unfold (i.e. is there primary and secondary tension? What phase do these concepts fall under?)
  • Identify task, maintenance, and disruptive roles from Chapter 5. Explain each type of role, how it is present in the film, and who takes on the role/s.
  • Explain whether The Avengers are a group or a team (Chapter 7). How can you tell? Discuss the 4 Cs and describe how they are present in the film. Use specific scene/s from the film.
  • Compare and contrast defective and effective decision making (Chapters 8 and 9). Are one or both of these present in the film? What effect does decision making have on The Avengers? Use specific examples to support your answer.

A successful student will:

  • Craft a 4- to 6-page essay that adheres to APA style.
  • Use appropriate grammar, syntax, and organization (i.e. introduction, thesis statement, transitions, conclusion).
  • Clearly and thoroughly address all parts of the writing prompt.
  • Use specific examples from the movie to support claims made in the essay.
  • Have at least 4 full pages of writing (double spaced, regular margins, not including any header/footer material).
  • Review the rubric downloadI will use to evaluate your submission.
  • Submit the essay to the appropriate dropbox by the deadline.

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