Nationalism and masculinity in Canada


It is a reflexive response to the article I put the name on the topic. And I will upload the Article as well.
Your written response is designed to be subjective. Put differently, this is not the place to simply summarize what was written. While your response might identify the author’s central argument, I want you to tell us what you think about what’s being argued or presented in these pieces. This is less about being right or wrong, so much as it is about engaging with different types of sport-related media and articulating your thoughts.
For example, your response might consider some (or all) of the following questions:

  • What did you learn about this topic?
  • If this is a topic you are familiar with, has this piece influenced in any way how you think about it? How so?
  • How does this article relate to concepts we discuss in class?
  • What did you (dis)like the most about this article?
  • Do you (dis)agree with the author(s) perspective on this issue? Why? Why not?

Sample Solution

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