**NEED ASAP***Paper — Fairy Tales and Gender Roles **NEED ASAP***

Objective: Consider how fairy tales shape our ideas of gender roles. Remember that one of the functions of myths (stories) is the sociological function which informs us about our place in our society.


1. Read the original Brothers Grimm version (Links to an external site.)  of Cinderella and then read the “politically correct” version of  Cinderella (see attachment below). It is essentially a satirical view of  the traditional Cinderella story and therefore is not intended to be  read to children.  In satirizing the story of Cinderella, it draws our  attention to things that perhaps we should consider/question when we  think about fairy tales.  

2. Write an Introduction connecting fairy tales and gender roles.  

3.  In 3 different paragraphs, identify and explain 3 gender role  expectations and relationships that traditional fairy tales express and  which this PC version exaggerates in order to draw our attention to it.   In other words, using exaggerations and politically correct humor, how  does this story highlight the roles women and men play in traditional fairy tales? Use specific examples  from the politically correct version and how that differs from the  traditional story to demonstrate and support your points.

4.  Write a Conclusion

Even though this is an informal essay, it still requires good organization and academic writing.  Remember that in a Gordon Rule class one of the objectives is to communicate effectively.

Writing Directions:

  • Your paper should be organized and written according to academic standards.
  • Your paper should be approximately one to two pages in length, typed, double-spaced.
  • Your  paper needs to be formatted according to MLA style. Some of this  includes using a 12pt. font and setting 1” margins all the way around.  There are many good online resources for formatting papers according to MLA (see Start Here Buttonmodule for the some good writing resources).
  • Be sure  to submit the paper before the deadline (see syllabus policy). The  system will only allow you to submit your paper once, so be sure you  select the correct file before submitting it.

Below link to Brothers Grimm:


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