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Essay questions and be sure to cite your sources, use APA style as required, check your spelling.

Do not just answer the questions. This is a graduate course and you should be able to explain the logic behind your answer and point to a credible source to support your position, even if it is just the textbook. You are expected to spend at least 4hours studying the questions, finding and studying good sources, and understanding the nature of the answers and at least an additional 4hours answering these questions and polishing your writing so the answers are compelling. Invest your time wisely, giving more time to the complex answers in order to ensure that you demonstrate that you truly understand the answer. Typical assignment submissions should be roughly 3,000 word in length. Shorter compelling answers are fine. Answers with needless filler will be marked down.


Essay Questions 

1. Discuss in detail the characteristics of automated decision support (ADS) systems. Also provide an example of a process that can be supported by an ADS system. 

2. Discuss in detail modeling and models in decision making along with any benefits with this approach to decision making.

3. Identify and explain in detail activities that can foster the IT-business alignment within an organization.

4. Discuss in detail how IT can add value to a company directly and indirectly. 


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