Nursing homework help

Choose a current issue or trend in nursing that impacts healthcare. When searching for current issues, explore nursing issues online and in the news, consider clinical problems, and if needed, consider the list of suggestions below. relate this topic to nursing.

Suggested topics:

Social Media
Use of mobile apps
Technology growth/changes

Affordable Health Care Act
Insurance access, cost
Health information privacy
Hospital and physician report cards

Genetic testing
Prenatal testing
Cancer testing

Specialty medication availability/cost
Pharmaceutical corporation controls over medication
Complementary and alternative medications

Research your topic by evaluating written nursing journal articles. Paper requirements:

  • Identify the crucial points of information
  • Briefly explain current knowledge on the topic and any relevant policies
  • Compare and contrast both sides of the issue
  • Analyze the impact of the issue/topic on healthcare and nursing
  • Integrate concepts learned in NUR 2810 coursework (and these are topics from my course work. Professionalism, nursing roles, critical thinking, clinical judgment, communication &collaboration, holistic caring, patient goals and education, healthcare delivery systems, managing patient care, quality of care, legal concepts, confidentiality, ethical concepts)
  • References
  • Paper to be approximately 4-5 pages in length


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