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Q1-Information system is most important in disaster management, what do you think about performance of communication system in response for and management of covid-19 outbreak in KSA?) CLO2?.

Q2- If you were the head of health communication unit at Saudi MOH, how will you improve the health communication strategies used now during COVID-19

· Give suggestions and/or recommendations

· Briefly discuss the importance of citizen engagement in health communication 

Q3-Write short notes about : Risk factors for car crashes among teenagers in KSA?

Submission Instructions

Submit your Word document according to the following guidelines for each Question :

· Use attached Word Document.

· Fill in student’s information on the first page of this attached document.

· Start your writing from page 2

· Word limit: 500 words (about 1.5 pages)

· Font should be 12 Times New Roman

· Headings should be Bold

· Color should be Black

· Line spacing should be 1.5

· Use reliable references (APA format)

· AVOID PLAGIARISM (you will get ZERO when there is plagiarism)

· You should use at least 2 references

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