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Connecting With Your Potential Partner



The community nurse is now prepared for discussion and presentation to their potential partner.


The community nurse is now prepared for discussion and presentation to their potential partner.

1. Connect with your potential community partner (individuals, associations, clubs, local institutions, churches, businesses, etc.) or their designee by email, by phone or face-to-face.

1. If by email, use a professional letter format and refer to your script to help with wording.

1. If by phone, use your script to guide your discussion.

1. If face-to-face, go prepared to make your full presentation (take a laptop and/or a jump-drive for their viewing). Keep in mind, if this route is taken, you should quickly organize your Power Point!

1. Use all the prior assignments to organize your community-nursing plan for intervention and partner PowerPoint Presentation. Refer to the examples of community presentation in Week 7.

Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation to include:

1. A title slide, (Does Not Count in the slide count)

1. Create 5 to 10 slides of content

1. Reference slide (Does Not Count in the Slide count).

APA format is required on all in-text citations and references.


Upload your PowerPoint Presentation in Turnitin by 11:55 pm CST of the date posted on the course calendar in Week 7. No discussion is required for this assignment.

The PowerPoint Presentation feedback will be available by 72 hours after the due date at 12:00 am CST


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