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Concept map of Pneumonia (the concept map can NOT be done in Word)


· Create a concept map of the disorder and at least 6 different clinical manifestations/features of that disorder.

· In the map you must include a flow chart indicating the pathophysiologic disorder and the downstream and functional effects of the disorder

· The functional effects should be mapped separately (not in one box-see map example provided for you). For example: myocardial ischemia (lines indicating) a decrease in contractility (lines indicating) this leads (lines indicating) decreased ejection fraction. The decreased ejection fraction (lines indicating) preload and reduces stroke volume.)

· Hint: you may need to consider the NORMAL physiology and how the disorder affects normal function to cause the pathophysiology (for example, any disorder that affects the components of cardiac forward flow may cause dysfunction that is part of the pathophysiology).

· Indicate the connection of pathophysiology leading to the characteristic clinical manifestations/features of the disorder.

· You must include at least 6 clinical manifestations/features.

· The manifestations/features may include lab tests, ex-rays, scans etc. (example: typical ground glass appearance on CXR associated with some lung diseases may be caused interstitial fluid accumulation or pus) , but must include at least 4 physical signs or symptoms.

· References should be listed using APA (Wikipedia is not considered an appropriate reference) on the bottom of the map or on a separate sheet.
















Here is an example of the concept map and what it should look like


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