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My capstone project of preventing pressure injuries could be presented to the Critical Care Nursing journal. The Critical Care Nursing journal is mostly for critical care nurses or nurses that want to enter the field of critical care nursing. Since the capstone project for preventing pressure injuries is more focused on ICU patients, being presented to a journal that is for critical care nurses is appropriate. This would allow critical nurses to have education on a subject that effects many patients and can reach more nurses instead of just the nurses on my unit and in my hospital.

A nursing conference that I might prevent my project to is the American Association of Critical Care Nurses and (NTI) National Teaching Institute. Attendees to AACN NTI 2020 will have the opportunity to participate in nearly 300 different live sessions dedicated to cutting-edge topics in today’s high-acuity nursing environment. Courses are designed to give nurses practical knowledge to help them deliver more informed, effective care(“AACN NTI 2020,” 2020). This is the best option for me to get the knowledge to more nurses, so that the patients in the ICU can benefit from this knowledge. Nursing knowledge is what is acquired to protect our patients from medical harm. To share knowledge in a nursing journal and conference that is for critical care nurses will help to protect more patients. These nursing forums reach many nurses all around the country; those that read these journals and attend these conferences can share their knowledge with those nurses that are unable to.


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