Nutrition, Exercise and Weight Control Analysis

1.  Keep and record for your paper (to be included in this assignment) a 7 day nutrition log (everything you eat and drink–you must list all that you have eaten in this assignment).  Please vary your diet.  If you turn in a paper that has the same thing eaten 3 times a day, for seven days, I will only count that as one day.  So, pick 7 different food days.  For every duplication of a meal, you will receive credit for only one meal–so vary your food choices.

2.  Track all and any physical activity during that same 7 day period–even walking to and from.  Not required, but suggested if possible to use either a fitbit or a free app on your phone. 

3.  Analyze your daily diet and physical activity in the areas of total calories consumed and expended, and the carbohydrate, protein, fat (macro nutrients), vitamins, minerals and water intake (micro nutrients) and sodium in each food item on an excel spreadsheet or a table that you have designed

Include ALL of that in your paper!  Use the Calorie King food search link to look up food choices for each day or any other website (such as myplate) you have found and like.  Calorie King Food Search;;  or;;;  or any other app that you can find.

4.  Submit your food and exercise logs in an excel spread sheet.  They may be separate or combined.  I have included a couple of samples below.  See the attachment and click on all of the pages on the bottom of the spreadsheet.  These are examples of an A paper.   Do not copy either…they are not a template, if you choose to copy either, you will receive a zero for this assignment.  These are just  examples of what I expect for an A paper and now allow your own creativity to take over.

5.  Type a paper summarizing your findings.   Graph all of your results.  See Attachment


  • What changes, if any, need to be made concerning your food intake.  Are you eating healthy?  How do you know?
  • What changes need to be made in your exercise log?
  • What are you most proud of in these two areas? 
  • How will you keep yourself accountable? 
  • At the close of the paper, list 5 measurable objectives for yourself in the area of Nutrition, Exercise and Weight Control. Your objectives must be very specific.  Do not say I want to eat more vegetables.  What doe that mean?  How much is more?  Your objectives must be measurable.
  • Your graphs and tables.
  • Do not forget to submit your food and exercise logs for the 7 day period. Please double space and use 12pt. font. 
  • Please alert me more than two weeks in advance if you have any questions, issues or concerns, so we can have time to work them out before this assignment is due.  This is the capstone assignment of the course and very important.

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