Initial Post (50pts) – Due Apr. 17 300 words or more

Part I. Click on Background and read the page.

In your initial post:

1. Briefly summarize (in your own words) what a food-based dietray guieline is and why we need them.

Part II. Click back or the image of a house (to the left of the Background button). Scroll down.

Countries are listed uder the headings: Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Near East, Europe, Latin Americ and the Caribbean, and North America. Choose one country from each part of the world to review.

Most countries will have a guidelines image, like our MyPlate image, in the upper right side of the page. Click on it.  If not, scroll down to find a list of guidelines or description of healthy eating. Compare their dietary guidelines to our MyPlate guidelines. 

In your initial post:

1. Describe how each country’s dietary guidelines differs from ours in the United States.  What do they have that MyPlate does not have, or what does MyPlate have that their guidelines lack. You should have 6 countries.

2. Identify at least 2 guideline items from the 6 countries you reviewed that you think should be added to MyPLate? Which items and why would Americans benefit by adding them.

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