Operational excellence

 Question 1:

Describe how Operational Excellence plays a role in your organization. What tools could your organization use to be more effective at processes. Example  (Six Sigma tools.)

If you are currently unemployed, define the job you are looking for and how you can use Operational Excellence to create efficient and effective processes in your work environment.

500-700 words. Remember to cite your work and reference each citation use APA

Question 2:


Operational Performance

Operational performance is defined as the comparison of an organization’s performance with other standard factors such as legal compliance, efficiency and effectiveness of production with the reduction of wastes that the organization could manage. After an organization has disclosed the strategies, it is then forced to state its operational objectives that should be met to achieve the strategies. The company will then give out the ways it will use to achieve the objectives set, and they, therefore, set the working environment to fulfill at least some of the objectives set (Slack, Brandon-Jones & Johnston, 2011).

This performance is of importance in a business because it always acts as the base of the business since it represents the business’ assets and acts as a central reference for the customers and competitors, to help make up strategies of overcoming competition in coming future (Slack, Brandon-Jones & Johnston, 2011).

Question: What is the importance of operations performance in a firm? Provide examples on how operation performance is used in your organization or a company that you would like to work for. 

500-700 words.

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