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Remember your first journal entry? It was your “Initial Reflection.” Take a minute to dig that out of your files and read over it. Now, after you finish reading it, take a minute or so and think about just how much you have learned this semester. You have read, talked about, written about, made observations about yourself and others – all with the underlying goal of learning more about stress and ways to address stress. Wow! I mean it, think for a minute just how much you have accomplished! 

Okay, now that you’ve reflected a little bit on this past semester’s work, it is time to write your “Final Reflection.” In this last journal entry, I’d like you to follow the list below and reflect on what you have learned and how you have grown your self-awareness. One purpose of this assignment is for you to develop a clearer understanding of just how much you have learned – and, give yourself some well-deserved pats on the back for your work! Another purpose is for you to consider where you want to take your learning from here.  Learning does not end with a class or a degree – The world is a great big place and there is always more to know/learn/explore!

For this assignment, write a minimum of 3 paragraphs (roughly 300-500 words) but you may have more if you wish. You have the choice of writing in a narrative style which means your writing should flow more like a story or a case study. The way that I am writing these instructions is an example of the style/tone I’m describing to you. You also may do it in video format making sure you follow the video guidelines. Lastly, you may do the list of the questions with an accompanying answer but since this takes more space along with including the question, your paper must be a minimum of 500 words and at least 4 sentences or more per question. 

In your reflection incorporate  all of the following items: 

  • What do you now know about stress in yourself that you learned during this class?
  • What do you now know about stress in your community that you learned during this class?
  • Describe if you handle stress differently based on what you’ve learned in this class. How?
  • Revisit your biggest questions and/or concerns about stress in yourself and in your community. Were any of these questions answered or concerns addressed?
  • What have you learned that has to lead to a change in the way you handle stress and why?
  • Did you gain any new awareness of or are using any new resources as a result of this course? 
  • Did you learn what you wanted to from this course? Why or why not?
  • What is the one thing you would change about this course that you believe would make it better?
  • What is did you learn during this course that you think you will keep using over and over?

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