part 3


Directions for Part 3

  1. For Part 3 of the direct care project, you will be presenting the PowerPoint to your identified audience. There is no submission for this assignment.  
  2. Presentation should be scheduled between Saturday of Week 5 through Saturday Week 6.
  3. You may present on more than one date/location to accommodate attendees.
  4. View the Direct Care Project Part 3 Tutorial (Links to an external site.).
  5. Think about how you will be presenting the PowerPoint. 
    • You may present using a laptop, tablet, or projector.
    • Make sure the presentation is visible to audience.
    • You may print handouts for your audience.
    • Determine what professional attire you will wear to presentation. You are representing Chamberlain University. 
  6. Under templates below, download the following: 
    • Attendance Form (1 sheet)
    • PRE-Survey (1 per attendee)
    • POST-Survey (1 per attendee)
  7. Modify the templates to fit your topic. See areas in red on the templates.
  8. Print your speaker notes and practice the presentation.
  9. Contact the individuals to confirm the location and time.
  10. Come to presentation prepared with attendance form, surveys, notes, handouts (if needed) and laptop.
  11. Greet your audience professionally.
  12. Have all attendees complete all the information on the Attendance Form.
  13. Have all attendees complete the PRE-Survey prior to the presentation and return to you.
  14. Present your topic and answer any audience questions.
  15. Have all attendees complete the POST-Survey after the presentation and return to you.
  16. Thank the audience for their time.
  17. Save the surveys and attendance form for Part 4: Evaluating the Project.


Click on the links below to download your required templates.

Attendance Form Template (Links to an external site.)

PRE-Survey Template (Links to an external site.) (replace words in red with your project details)

POST-Survey Template (Links to an external site.) (replace words in red with your project details)

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