Philosophy homework help

Topic:  In Plato’s Apology, we hear Socrates’ tale of a philosopher’s efforts to bring others in his society to appreciate the value of seeking the truth.  In Plato’s Allegory of the Cave (Republic VII), we see the prisoners at the bottom of the cave entrapped and subject to error and illusion.  Explain how either or both of these works can help us understand the challenge to truth that has developed in our time.  Pay particular attention to Lynch’s concern that we’ve lost track of the sense that we “share a common reality”.

Length:  Short paper of 2-4 pages.

Format:  Very tight, traditional paper using an introduction, body, and conclusion. Guidelines will be found in the Writing Modules of this course in Course Resources.

Make sure to show familiarity with the course materials we’ve used up to this week.  Please use 2 sources in addition to the materials in our course.


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