You will write a poem that both uses and deconstructs metaphor, paying attention to metonymic, disjunctive and other poetic effects.

We’ve seen how metaphor can be used powerfully; we’ve also seen how metaphor can become a cliché. For a poem, a metaphor is just another tool—hopefully used to create a surprising conjunction or impression. Sometimes metaphors are broken, extended or warped on purpose by a poet to create conjunctions that are more strange and fragmented.

After reading the poems attached in files (Must read all first!), take into account the many ways these poets use and break metaphor for their specific effects. We have had a lot of different examples of poetry so far, so there should be plenty of different examples and modes to give you inspiration. It should be clear, however, that what you are doing is somehow related to what you’ve read. Create a poem that has internal consistency and works as a complete piece unto itself. There is no page limit because if you pay attention to internal consistency, the poem should dictate its own shape. However, unless there is a good reason for it, for excessively short poem you most likely be asked to do more, if only to explore your poetic ideas further.

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