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 Respond to your  colleagues .  Provide at least two additional treatment strategies that could be used  with this client and at least one additional cultural influence that you  think should be considered. Explain your responses. 

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Gender Dysphoria

According  to the National Health Service, gender dysphoria describes anxiety,  unease, or dissatisfaction a person has between their assigned gender  and their gender identity. People who experience gender dysphoria may  suffer from low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, or feelings of  isolation. This can sometimes manifest in risk-taking behavior or  self-neglect. It is important to note that gender dysphoria in and of  itself is not a mental disorder, but may lead to more severe disorders  if left untreated. 

The  most effective means of treating gender dysphoria is seeing a clinician  who has specialized in gender studies and identity. These clinicians  can help a patient determine if they are experiencing gender dysphoria,  and what treatment options may be available to them. While some who  suffer from gender dysphoria may wish to change their appearance through  medical treatment, this is not universal, and speaking with a  specialized clinician may help a patient decide what course of action is  best for them. 

Treatment  options available for children and adolescents with gender dysphoria  may be more limited compared to adults. Many clinicians are hesitant to  prescribe medical treatment to younger patients with gender dysphoria  because the effects hormone therapy may have on a young person are still  not completely understood. Treatment for younger patients may include  talk therapy, or addressing the issues that may arise from gender  dysphoria, such as self-harm or depression. 

Diverse gender identities have been known in some cultures for some time, and some 

cultures  may be more accepting of those whose gender identity falls outside the  gender binary. Cultures who do not yet recognize other gender identities  may reject a person who has gender dysphoria, and this can have a  negative effect on the person.  


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