1. The purpose of this assignment is to reflect on what you have learned about leadership and yourself through this course. 
  2. Based on what you have learned,  develop an answer the question:

Why should anybody be led by you?

Description:  Then and Now

  1. Create a visual representation of what you have learned in this course by describing what you used to think/believe/know about the concepts and what you think/believe/know now.
  2. Record yourself describing your visual representation.
  3. Refer to your first task back in January: Initial Understanding of Terms.
  4. This is not a paper.

Options for visual representation:

Choose eight (8) of the following 12 topics:

  1. Transformational Leadership
  2. Authentic Leadership
  3. Servant Leadership
  4. Adaptive Leadership
  5. Strengths Based Leadership
  6. Leadership Ethics
  7. Followership
  8. Team Leadership
  9. Gender & Leadership
  10. Culture and Leadership
  11. Emotional Intelligence
  12. Trust, Hope, Compassion and Stability





Description/Visual Component


Clear, sufficiently detailed and easily understood description of the experience.

Components are visually appealing.  Consistent use of fonts and formatting.

Graphics help tell the story.

Adequate detail, moderately clear description of the experience.

Attempt at consistent fonts and format.  Some graphics present.

Very limited detail, difficult to understand description of the experience

Visually uninteresting with little to no attempt to include graphics that help tell the story.

Reflection Component


Strong effort to engage in personal reflection of the topic with a focus on the student’s own perceptions, assumptions, response/reaction, behaviour and/or thinking, andconsiderations of underlying reasons.

An attempt to engage in personal reflection of the topic and there is usually a moderate effort to discuss personal perceptions, assumptions, response/reaction, behaviour, thoughts and/or feelings.

Limited description of experience or encounter, with little or no personal reflection of the event. 

Application Component


A strong effort is made to apply content from the course and course readings. This is evident by the integration of meaningful and relevant quotes, references, and examples.

Evidence of attempts to apply content from the course and course readings are present but inconsistent. Quotes, references, and examples are evident but integration and connection could be stronger.

No/Limited attempts have been made to apply content from the course and course readings OR there is no/limited integration of quotes/references, or examples.

Organization and Writing Mechanics


Content is organized Consistently uses correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Consistently well-organized, logical, clear communication of ideas.

Adequate organization and logical flow, moderate clarity in communication of ideas.

Small number of minor grammatical or other writing errors.

Minimal organization, minimal ability to integrate and communicate ideas.

Consistent evidence of grammatical or other writing errors.



Citations for every component with cited source in reference list.

Some citations present and  included in reference list.

Minimal or no Attempt at reference list.


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