Princ of Mgmnt- Writing Assignment (3 Times)


For this first writing assignment, there will be three topics.  Please choose the one you prefer to write about, and make your chosen topic your title. Use as many applicable “key words” from the chapter as appropriate.  Make sure that you are using them correctly.  Underline them to help me recognize them to boost your score. Cite all sources used, including the textbook. 

Be sure to go to the Course Information module to read essay instructions and the scoring guide used for writing assignments in this class.

TOPIC 1.  SWOT Analysis 

Analyze Bossier Parish Community College using a process called environmental scanning or SWOT Analysis. List at least two factors for each of the four categories (S, W, O and T) defined in chapter 6.  What grand strategy would you recommend for this business organization to succeed in the future?    

TOPIC 2.  Decision-Making Style

Name which one of the four styles of decision-making from chapter 7 is your preferred decision-making style.  Describe your preferred style.  Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of your style.  How could you utilize aspects of your less preferred styles within your decision-making skills in the future to improve?

TOPIC 3.  Organizational Culture

Based on your experiences as an employee, tell about the organizational culture (also known as corporate culture) where you worked.  Did you recognize any of the 12 ways that culture became established there?  Using chapter 8, determine what type of culture existed.  Do you think you were a good “fit” in that business?  Why or why not?

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