Program Evaluation Critique


Read the following article describing the implementation and evaluation of the New Moves study. You may also want to refer to the other article included in the readings (and listed below) that describes the New Moves intervention and in particular the figure showing the flow from intervention to evaluation.

Also check out the website: to read more about the intervention and the study design and to see the surveys.

Neumark-Sztainer D, Friend SE, Flattum CF, Hannan PJ, Story MT, Bauer KW, Feldman SB, Petrich CA. New Moves-Preventing weight-related problems in adolescent girls: A group-randomized study. American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 2010;39:421-432.

Neumark-Sztainer D, Flattum C, Feldman S, Petrich C. Striving to prevent obesity and other weight- related problems in adolescent girls: The New Moves approach. In: O’Dea J, Eriksen M, eds. Childhood Obesity Prevention-International Research, Controversies, and Interventions. Oxford University Press. 2010:271-277.

Briefly describe the intervention and the evaluation used. Provide a critique on the evaluation. What did you like and what could have been done better? Justify your critique. This assignment should be brief with concise writing: 2 page, double-spaced text. Within your description, answer the following questions:

• What stages of evaluation were utilized and are described in the article and what is the main stage (e.g., formative evaluation/needs assessment, process evaluation, impact/outcome evaluation?

• Are the objectives clearly stated?

• Is there a theoretical framework guiding the intervention and evaluation. If so, what is it and how is it used?

• Is there a flow from the intervention to the evaluation? Describe.

• What type of evaluation design was employed? Describe the control and intervention groups.

• What do you think could have been done better? Were the authors fair in their interpretation of the findings and recommendations for future steps?

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