Program Performance Management IP

6 pages

  1. Describe and assess the practice of earned value in your program or project (you may obscure the name of the organization and people to ensure nonattribution).
    • What performance reports are submitted? What frequency? What format? What data are part of the performance reports?
    • People: Describe the personnel establishment that actively practices earned value management (EVM).
    • Process: Describe the business processes that drive the practice of EVM.
    • Systems: Describe the systems in place that support the business processes.
    • Is the overall system for assessing program performance effective? Does it accomplish corporate aims?
  2. If earned value is not practiced in your program, then describe and assess what system or processes are employed to assess, track and monitor, and report on program performance. That is, discuss how effective the program performance metrics that are in use relate to objective measurements of cost, schedule, and technical performance.
    • What metrics are employed to assess performance in the absence of EVM?
    • What tracking and reporting processes are employed to report performance progress?

Note: If you do not have any personal experience in the organizations of which you have been a member, you may employ a case study from the optional course reference Project Management Case Studies (4th ed.) (Kerzner, 2013). The specific case study that can be used for this assignment is β€œThe Need for Project Management Metrics,” (A)1, (B)2, (C)3, (D)4, (E)5, (F)6, (G)7, and (H)8 on pages 411–444.

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