There are a ton of links in this class to what I think, if I may say so, are pretty interesting.  You will find the links in every chapter.  There are movies, pictures, websites, all kinds of stuff.  Explore all of them before you choose.  Your assignment is to pick one – any one- and write an OPINION paper about it.

Note that the word OPINION is capitalized…on purpose.  I want to know what you think about it, love it or hate it doesn’t matter.  You will NOT be graded on your opinion, you will be graded on criteria listed in the rubric (see below). 

Your paper should be between 500-600 words (use and should be structured in the following format:

5 distinct paragraphs – intro(list which link you chose), 123 points, conclusionUSE PARAGRAPH BREAKS between each paragraph. This is NOT texting!  Basically, your paper will be about WHY you chose what you chose.  Defend your opinion, citing specific examples (ex. what makes it interesting to you or list reasons why you think it is garbage – be nice…).  Make sure you identify which link you’re writing about in the opening paragraph.

What I DON’T want is a synopsis.  Don’t write me a paper on what you are watching or describe to me what is being presented.  Remember, I’ve seen them – I’m the one who put them there.  If you fail to follow this rule, I will send the paper back and you will have to write it again.  


  • Questions to Consider When Choosing Birth Control

Summer 2018

Questions to Consider When Choosing Birth Control

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