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Interpersonal violence is still one of the most pressing concerns within the criminal justice system. Direct violence perpetrated by offenders, and those offenders who threaten violence on others, place a heavy burden on the public safety and public health systems.

In this discussion, you will examine a range of criminal behaviors, with an emphasis on understanding the contributing factors relating to these crimes and the direct and indirect implications these crimes have on victims and the community.

  1. Using the provided list, find one current example for one of the interpersonal crimes listed below.  Within your example describe whether the victim either died because of the crime, committed suicide, or survived.
    • Intimate Partner Violence
    • Sexual Offending
    • Physical World Stalking
    • Cyberstalking.
  2. In replying to classmates, share your opinion on the potential direct and indirect implications this crime had on victim, offender, families involved, and the community.


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