1- Perform a literary search to learn about the parts of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). They will prepare a one-page information booklet (brochure) on the parts of the DSM-5, where they identify and describe what they consist of. The brochure should be tempered in the style of the latest edition of APA. Upload your booklet to NetTutor to get feedback and send the revised one to the space provided by the facilitator. The facilitator will send the brochure to SafeAssignTM to detect work authorship. Upload your brochure to the Assignments section.

2- Run a test where:

Where he analyzes the historical development and evolution of mental health in the USA.

Analyze from a human rights and social justice perspective how mental health services and approaches have changed. Incorporate why it has been important and the implications in the mental health history in the light of dual disorders and controlled substances.

The essay should consist of five pages in the style of the latest edition of APA. Upload your essay to Net Tutor for feedback and submit your revised essay to the space provided by the facilitator. The facilitator will submit the essay to SafeAssignTM to detect authorship of the work. Upload your essay to the Assignments section or as provided by the facilitator. This activity will be evaluated with the Essay Rubric.

3- Visit the Virtual Library to conduct an electronic or literary search on Theories and Models of Intervention with mental health participants, such as:

Make a table where you describe the following models:

System Theory

Ecological Theory

Fortress Perspective

Medical or biological model

Biopsychosocial model

Recovery model

Ecosystem model

Behavioral model

Cognitive model

  The table can have three columns where you mention the postulates, specific techniques of each theory or model.

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