Our course was broken up into two broad concepts: Big Data Analytics and Blockchain

In the first half of the course, we focused on Big Data Analytics:

Once global data started to grow exponentially a decade ago, it has shown no signs of slowing down. It‘s aggregated mainly via the internet, including social networks, web search requests, text messages, and media files. Another gigantic share of data is created by IoT devices and sensors. They are the key drivers for the global big data market growth, which has already has reached 49 billion dollars in size, according to Statista.

The world is powered by big data now forcing companies to seek experts in big data consulting, capable to harness complex data processing. But will it be the same in the future?

the future of big data analytics promises to change the way businesses operate in finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and other industries. The overwhelming size of big data may create additional challenges in the future, including data privacy and security risks, shortage of data professionals, and difficulties in data storage and processing.

The second half focused on Blockchain:

Blockchain technology completely reinvents how we think about organizational processes and even the way organizations should be organized. If you’ve decided that blockchain is here to stay and it’s disruptive power is too great to ignore, then I have a few suggestions for next steps. If a technical path is appealing, I recommend building your first Solidity-based smart contract on Ethereum. You should also buy some cryptocurrency. Try also experimenting with identity management. If a business path is more up your alley, elevate this topic in your organization, or spin up an experiment with support from leadership. There is a healthy ecosystem of vendors, including big names, like PWC and IBM, who can help. There are also lots of boutique businesses that should be considered too. Finally, consider getting involved in a blockchain user group. There are already many organizations beginning to service this area. You can look at BlockchainHub or industry specific groups like the Government Blockchain Association. As the industry develops, we need a lot of new talent. Consider whether you want a career in this space. For the foreseeable future, jobs in blockchain technology will be plentiful and high paying.  

  • Review big data analytics concepts
  • Review Blockchain and Bitcoin concepts
  • Reflect on the future of big data analytics and blockchain

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