Reflection paper_2

Two courses for this semester are 1- Cryptography-network-security-principles-practice and 2- Info Security&Risk Management : attached the textbooks for both the courses below.

Nearing the end of the semester, it is now time for students to reflect on the knowledge obtained in their course(s) and determine the effectiveness of incorporating real-world experience into our academic curriculum. Please complete the survey/reflection to the best of your ability.  

Students should;

  • Be able to apply knowledge and theory gained in their courses of study within current workplace or in their future employment.
  • Be able demonstrate the application of theory to workplace in written form.
  • Be able to identify the benefits of incorporating real-world experience into an academic program.

the post should be how I am applying the knowledge I gained from these courses in to my work place and how my work place knowledge is helpful to my course work. minimum of 225 words related to each course, so in total minimum of 450 words for two courses.

I am working as a Software Engineer.

Strictly no plagarism.

Course description for Info security and risk management:

The course provides a methodology to identify an institution’s information technology assets, the proper way to determine the necessary level of protection required, and techniques for developing budgets for security implementations.

Course description for Cryptography-network-security-principles-practice:

The course examines methods and techniques for concealing data for security purposes. Topics covered will include cryptographic techniques, approaches and technologies.

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