Research Design in Social Work

 Early adulthood goes up to about 35 years of age, so your study should not include people over the age of 35. Your population is probably infinite, you must investigate the census to see the estimated population. If you do not succeed then we can assume that it is infinite in such a way that your total sample must be 384 participants if you decide to have a reliability level of 95%. This is something you should consider. The reliability level will determine your sample. We discussed it in the last class.

You have to work a little harder on your whole methodology. You have to be specific. How are you going to collect the data, what are the steps, how are you going to analyze it?

With all due respect, you say a lot but at the same time nothing concrete.

I need specific things. Check the material from the past class.

You need to be specific. What instrument? What do you find? How they look? You are very general in your explanation and you really do not say anything about the instrument that YOU are going to use.

You have to be specific in the steps that YOU (it’s about you and your research) are going to take to complete your research. How are you going to collect the data?

How are you going to analyze the data you obtain?

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